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Revitalizing The Body Through

Why do we need medical massage?

The human body has the potential to accomplish amazing feats.  Anyone who has participated in sports, dance, martial arts, or any other physical activity would have an idea of how their bodies should function.

Unfortunately, our daily life structure does not allow the body to move as freely and painlessly as we might wish.  Most of us may have injured our bodies during an activity at work or leisure.  Some of us suffer from poor posture or a lack of activity, causing further injury.  Medical massage can limit discomfort and increase your body’s innate capacity to perform.

What’s so unique about medical massage?

The medical massage protocol is a scientifically based non-invasive approach to healing.  The approach is unique because the healing process begins with your individual needs and ends with a working relationship between you and the therapist.  The objective is to decrease your discomfort and increase your body functioning.  Another objective is to increase your awareness of methods to prevent injuries as well as recognizing how your body accommodates itself. 

An holistic approach to wellness - revitalizing body, soul and spirit. 

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